Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink ATG 714 Gun

So let me start by saying that I've seen so many people who own an ATG gun. I was first intrigued by these a few months ago. I did a quick search online for them and found that they can be expensive. So for the time being I continued to use my Tombow mono adhesive and I got a Glue Glider Pro. Now I really like my Tombow and GGP because they are small and transport easily. Well back in June 2010 I got down wind that Custom Crops was having a pre-order on a Pink ATG for $29.99. It was to good to be true I thought, so I took the plunge and pre-ordered one. I received two separate emails stating that the guns were on back order. It should of shipped out July 5 then was pushed to July 19 and finally August 9 and I placed my original order on June 17. Then just last week while I was searching the Cricut message boards I came across a thread that said Michael's craft stores were going to be selling these Pink ATG guns in stores. My father called up to both Michael's stores we have in our area and they said they knew what he was talking about, but they weren't sure if they got any in on their last trust load. 

Well, fast forward to Friday night. I finish dinner with my boyfriend at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and head to Michael's so I can browse what is in the store. Well, OMG....there it was. My Pink ATG gun was just sitting there on the self all by itself. And wouldn't you believe it I didn't have my 40% off coupon on me. I was bummed. I thought that if I left it there it wouldn't be there in the morning. Well we ended up leaving without it because I didn't want to pay full price knowing that I had a coupon. We head back to the house and I get my coupon and back up to Michael's keeping my fingers crossed that it is still there. We both make a B line for the isle we found it on last night and it was still there. 

So I am the proud owner of a Pink ATG 714. I already love it and can't wait to use it. 

Also, at one of the many WalMart in my area they had ALL 24 of the Cricut Lite cartridges. Just though I'd share that with everyone too.

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